Harper's Weekly 02/13/1869

A New Wonder.

[The above cut is about one-third real size.]
The Only Practical One in the World.

It gives instantaneous additions where numbers are
called off, or carries up ledger accounts two columns
at a time. It has already come into popular use, and
has the endorsement of our most eminent men, the
press, and leading accountants. We reproduce some
of the best-known names.

“It is a wonderful triumph of Inventive Genius.”—
Schuyler Colfax.

“An ingenious and useful machine, and a valuable
help to accountants.”—Henry Ward Beecher.

“One or two city accountants have tested the `Add-
er' under my direction and inspection. They and I
find it so accurate and so expeditious that I shall en-
deavor at once to have the stationers for City and
County introduce your `Adders' into the various de-
partments.”—Hon. A. Oakey Hall, Mayor New York.

“We have one of your `Adders,' and find it correct
in every respect, and that it is of great assistance in
proving and adding extended columns. We recom-
mend its use to accountants, and are confident of its
success.”—North Amer. Life Ins. Co., 229 Broadway.

“Of the first convenience, robbing figures of their
terrors, helping the wearied brain, saving precious
time, and preventing damaging errors.”—New York
, December 16, 1868.

“Saves all the trouble and chance of mistake in
making the numberless and tedious additions which
most kinds of business require.”—New York Times,
January 3, 1869.

“Destined to be the most popular and useful math-
ematical machine ever invented.”—Springfield (Mass.)
Republican, December 21, 1868.

The best testimonial is the fact that, out of all sold,
not a word of dissatisfaction has been expressed, all
purchasers being united in its praise; it has never
disappointed their expectations, and until now it has
been impossible to supply accumulating orders. It is
guaranteed to do all claimed for it in the advertisement.

Price, in brass, $6 00; in silver, $8 00; extra plated,
$10 00. Sent by express, C. O. D. Territorial rights for
C. H. WEBB, 571 Broadway, N. Y.

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