Harper's Weekly 08/14/1875

The name

Remington has become a house-
hold word in all classes of society. Among ladies
it is known as the name of the latest popular
sewing-machine; among military men it has long
been known as the name of the most efficient
weapon in use in the great armies of the world;
among sportsmen it is known as the name of the
breech-loading rifle, which, in the hands of Ful-
ton, Bodine
, and Hepburn, mainly won the In-
ternational Match for America in 1874.

It is widely known as the name of a great es-
tablishment at Ilion, New York, where thousands
of skillful men are constantly employed in man-
ufacturing the aforesaid sewing-machines and
arms, together with many other useful and in-
geniously constructed articles—such as “The
Type Writer,” a machine to supersede the pen
in writing; improved mowing-machines, plows,
cotton gins, and other agricultural implements;
elegantly finished breech-loading shot-guns, of a
new and pleasing pattern; and millions of me-
tallic shell cartridges, both for rifles and for shot-
guns. The annual production of these works
forms no small item in the industrial statistics
of America; and our countrymen at home and
abroad are justly proud of our achievements, as
a people, in these important branches of our

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