Harper's Weekly 06/26/1880


One of the most useful and valuable patents
ever issued from our patent office has just been
granted to the Hektograph Company of New
York, as the assignees to Messrs. Kwaysser &
Husak of Bohemia, for the process of dry copy-
ing. This process has come into almost univer-
sal use in this country within the past twelve
months, and is the most simple and useful mode
of duplicating writings or drawings ever in-
vented. By it any writing or drawing, executed
with an aniline ink, can be transferred to a sur-
face of gelatine, and then as many as one hun-
dred copies can be printed by simply pressing
dry sheets of paper on the surface containing
the transfer. No press is required, nor are acids
or water used. The apparatus for use of the
process consists simply of a shallow oblong tin
case filled with a preparation of Gelatine to the
depth of about an inch, and is exceedingly sim-
ple and inexpensive. The process now being
patented cannot be used without the license of
the Hektograph Company, who are the sole
owners of the patents for this country.[Com.]

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