Harper's Weekly 12/06/1890


“The addition of Stenography and Type Writing to the edu-
cation of young people, increases very materially their chances
of making a livelihood.”—W. T. Harris, U. S. Com. of Education.

The largest order the U. S. Government ever placed
for Writing
was for the
Type Writer

Irrespective of price, the BEST and most
Standard Writing Machine made. Embodies every
good quality found in other Machines, and has many points of
superiority, all its own
. Weighs about 13 lbs. Perfect Manifolder.
More and better manifold copies than upon any machine made.
Occupies space of a Dictionary. 29 Keys. 81 Characters.
Every Machine Warranted Price—including portable Office Case

Send for illustrated pamphlet, giving fac-simile of key-board. NATIONAL TYPEWRITER CO., Manufacturers and Sole Agents, 715, 717, and 719 Arch Street, PHILADELPHIA, PA., U. S. A.


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