Harper's Weekly 12/02/1905

Get Next to Big Pay

SAY, Mr. Man, get hold of something that
will pay you big.

You know there's more in life than
just mere existence!

A fellow ought to have a little of
the joy of living—to do things—to see
the world—to make money!

And it isn't an Impossibility to
do these things, either, nor is it a lucky
chance—or a pull that makes a fellow
get there.

It's getting the Right Thing—that's
all it is!

The thing that's congenial—that has
money in it, such as selling something that
the people want—that they can't afford to be

Now these opportunities are not to be found growing on bushes—to be sure
—there's not an awful lot of them—but there are certain opportunities for making
big money in a dignified, congenial way, and one of them is to act as local agent for



The Standard Visible Writer

Wherever there's a typewriter used—they can't afford to be without an OLIVER.

For shrewd Business men who have tried other typewriters declare that the
Oliver, because of its simplicity of construction, its strength, its durability, its ease
of operation, its speed, its wonderful versatility—will save more than its cost in one year.

Just think of that! Why, man alive, there's big money to be made in replacing
other typewriters with Olivers alone!

But there's more than that—there's the opportunity of selling the Oliver to those
people who haven't as yet a typewriter, but who should have.

Business men—Merchants—Clergymen—Insurance Agents—Lawyers—and
Farmers—people who shouldn't write a letter or statement by hand, and who wouldn't
if they knew how easy it was to operate the Oliver.

A man can easily make at least $300 a year selling the Oliver in his spare time—
when convenient for him to see people. $300 is not a bad addition to your salary, is it?

There are local agents for the Oliver who make $300 a month—some of them have
their offices, with 10 to 15 assistants under them.

And many of our Managers, Superintendents—highly paid officials—were at one
time local agents for the Oliver.

Remember, we post you thoroughly on the typewriter situation—we analyze all
other typewriters to show you the superiority of the Oliver—send you our literature
and, if you want them, our traveling salesmen to close a sale—at our expense, not yours.

Write us today for full particulars of our Local Agency—you can easily become
local agent and start right in making money. Don't delay—some one else may get
ahead of you in your own territory—write today.

117 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Principal Foreign Office, 75 Queen Victoria Street, London
We want Local Agents in Canada

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