Harper's Weekly 10/12/1907

Why is the Comptometer the best
of all adding

Because it
is the only
machine on
which a
simple key
touch does
the work.

Others have
a handle that
must be pulled for
each item added.
It takes time and labor
to pull that handle.

Because it can be advantageously applied
to all your figuring, not to adding only. It
extends bills and figures percentages as easily
as it adds your ledger. No other machine is
practical for all work.

We have thousands of pleased customers
who doubted this at one time. They tried it
and now see the results in reduced expenses.

Suppose you try it?

For the mere asking, we send the Comp-
tometer on trial, express paid, to responsible
parties in the U. S. or Canada.

Write for pamphlet and special trial offer.
Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co., 845 N. Paulina St., Chicago, III.

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