Harper's Weekly 03/21/1908

It Is Manifest

To any business man or accountant, after a five-minute ex-
amination, that the Universal Adding and Listing Machine oper-
ates easiest, most conveniently and does the best work on
account of having the register right above the keyboard in plain
sight so you can tell at a glance if the machine is clear or how
much has been accumulated; of having the carriage on top of
the machine like it is on a typewriter, where you can conven-
iently reach it; of having the paper roll handy to get at; of a
paper feed that handles a single loose sheet or carbon copies
and permits the roll paper to be pulled up and torn off properly
without using both hands; of a keyboard that restores when the
handle is two-thirds of the way back, so the operator doesn't
have to wait to set up another item; of being able to take a
total or sub-total without waste of time and effort to pull the
handle a blank stroke; of having totals and sub-totals always
printed in red and of fixed-alignment, accurate work, etc.

In actual use the Universal is better than it looks, the key
action is light, the lever pull is smooth and easy. It would help
you on your work by adapting itself to your requirements with-
out changing your office or accounting methods.

The Universal is made in many sizes and styles to suit the
small merchant or the largest concern and can be had to operate
by hand or electricity as desired. The Universal is sold abso-
lutely on its merits, can be purchased for cash or on easy pay-
ments, and is fully guaranteed.

Just give us an idea about your class of work and let us tell
you all about the Universal—it won't cost you anything and you
ought to know about the most modern Adding and Listing
Machine made.

Adding Machine
3833 Laclede Ave.
St. Louis

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