Harper's Weekly 03/20/1909

A Small Price for
Enduring Accuracy

7c a Day is a Mighty Small Item

Yet that small sum more than covers the cost
of a Burroughs Adding and Listing Machine.

This statement is based on the years of service so far
given by the earliest Burroughs Machines sold.

Many of these “oldest” machines, sold in 1893, are
still in active, every-day use. And good for many
years more. Please note the letter below.

The only reason every one of those “oldest”
machines is not now in daily use, is that some
of them have been supplanted by later and
more widely adaptable models of the

(Nine out of every ten adding and listing machines sold are Burroughs).

Adding and Listing Machine

C. S. Miller, Cashier Drovers &
Mechanics National Bank of
Baltimore, says:

“Gentlemen: In reply to yours
of the 14th inst., beg to ad-
vise that we have your ma-
chine No. 827, purchased
Feb. 28, 1893, in active
use, and it has given,
up to this period, the
same perfect sat-
isfaction as the
other 3 of your
which we
have pro-


Inasmuch as not a single Burroughs has
ever worn out, we do not know how much
longer than fifteen years a Burroughs will
last, nor how much less than 7c a day the
minimum cost would be.

Over against this small cost, the actual
saving affected by a Burroughs amounts to at least
30c a day. This in offices so small that it can save
only one hour a day of employees' time paid for at the
rate of only $15.00 a week. To say nothing of the
absolute accuracy of all additions done on a Burroughs,
and the promptness with which statements, trial balances,
incidental figures, etc., are gotten out by its use.

Let us Prove our claims by sending
a Burroughs ON FREE TRIAL

Entirely aside from the big saving effected by a Burroughs, you should know of
the many “short-cut” sys-
tems in use by the most pro-
gressive houses, many of them
in your own line of business.
These time-saving, accuracy-
insuring systems have been pub-
lished by the Burroughs Business
Systems Department, under the
title, “A Better Day's Work.”

The book will be sent free,
with our compliments—use this
coupon or your letterhead. It
is not a catalog, but an un-
usually interesting and helpful

58 different styles, each
operated electrically or
by hand.

17 Burroughs Block,
Detroit, Michigan, U. S. A.

Foreign Office: 65 High
Holborn, London, W. C., England

A Better
Day's Work

send me
one free copy,
“A Better Day's

H. W. Mar.

To ……………
Firm Name……………
Kind of Business……………
Size of office force……………

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