Harper's Weekly 11/18/1911

Thomas A. Edison Inc.

Factories of Thomas A. Edison, Inc., and
The Edison Storage Battery Co., Orange, N. J.

Here are made Edison Phonographs and Records,
Edison Business Phonographs, Edison Moving Pic-
ture Machines and Films, Edison Primary Batteries,
Bates Hand Numbering Machines and Edison
Storage Batteries. Mr. Edison's own laboratory is
included in this group.

The Edison factories have a daily capacity of
1,000 Phonographs, 150,000 Phonograph Records,
50,000 feet of moving picture films, 500 Storage
Battery cells and an equally large output of other
products. Employment is given to from 4,000 to
6,000 hands and the weekly pay-roll varies from
$40,000 to $60,000.

Thomas a. Edison

76 Lakeside Avenue

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