Harper's Weekly 04/13/1912

Progress, Efficiency

That is the meaning of the consolidation, on March 1st,
of the sales organizations in America of the three
leading and standard makes of typewriters, the

Smith Premier

This one greater unit under a single executive control is the
Remington Typewriter Company
the Greatest Typewriter Organization in the World.

This consolidation affords our customers an unrivaled variety of productó
three distinct makes of typewriters, each of a different type and each the
best of its kind. Our regular typewriters, billing typewriters, wide carriage
typewriters, adding and subtracting typewrites, etc., cover every conceivable
requirement of the typewriters, etc., cover every conceivable
requirement of the typewriter user.

It insures to every present owner or future purchaser of Remington,
Monarch, or Smith Premier Typewriters the best, the most complete, the
most far reaching, the most efficient service ever provided to users of the
writing machine.

Remington Typewriter Company
New York and Everywhere

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